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TechnoSense Consulting - January 2003 – present 

Dedicated to helping small businesses select, implement, and develop technology solutions. A sampling of projects:


Nimble Technology, Inc. - January 2001 – November 2002
VP Development

I joined Nimble Technology in early 2001, before the first commercial software release. Nimble was a start-up company building an XML query engine and related technology to enable large enterprise customers to access data across disparate data sources in real time.

I was responsible for building the development staff and delivering four minor releases and an additional major release in one year’s time. I coordinated design and development efforts between groups, defining the development processes, streamlining the work flow between groups, increasing visibility into the development group’s efforts, and eliminating many personnel issues and process roadblocks., Inc. - April 1999 – November 2000
Founder and VP Technology 

I was a co-founder of with three other business partners. The company became the e-commerce leader in the dental supply vertical market, with a world class web site, receiving several awards, including Forbes’ award for one of the top web sites in the healthcare space. I was responsible for every aspect of technology at Oralis.


FileNET Corporation - November 1995 – February 1999
Software Development Manager 

FileNET’s product is a document management system targeted at companies that need to have central management and control of their large repositories of unstructured data. I managed a group responsible for the Windows 2000 server product’s content-based search and retrieval technology as well as the administrative tools. I was responsible for evaluating search technology and recommending how it should be incorporated into the product. C and C++, VB. Databases: Oracle 7, Sybase, MS SQL Server. Platforms: Windows NT, HP/UX. Indexing/Search technology: Fulcrum, Verity, Microsoft.


November 1994 - November 1995
Independent Consultant

Various projects:


The System Works, Inc., R&D, Redmond, WA & Atlanta, GA
June 1986 - October 1994 - Senior Software Engineer 


1966 - 1985

I held various positions with increasing responsibilities, starting as a part-time programmer at the University of Michigan, then as an analyst and programmer in the IBM mainframe environment (COBOL, Assembler, Fortran, RPG, IMS, CICS, VSAM, etc.), District Manager for Pacific Telephone with staff of 50 IBM systems programmers responsible for all system software (MVS, IMS, CICS, etc) and data center availability, and finally as Vice President and co-founder of my own start-up software company writing practical software for Commodore computers.  I worked with leading edge technology from early online processing into the emerging PC era.

In these roles, I managed systems, people, and processes, from start-up situations to a large group of systems programmers in an environment of multiple large IBM mainframe data centers.



1968 BS in Computer Science, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Many continuing education courses in both specific technologies and the methodology of software and project management.


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