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TechnoSense Consulting was founded by Ann Palmer in 2003. It's roots are based in her experience developing software for small and medium-sized businesses as well as large enterprises over a span of more than 35 years.


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In the early 80's, she co-founded TOTL Software, one of the first companies to produce practical software for the emerging home computer market. TOTL sold the first commercial word processor for the Commodore 64. Ann created a range of practical software including word processing, database management, and business accounting. Although TOTL Software was forced to close in 1986 because it was unable to compete with the large publishing companies who had entered the market, a small group of loyal users continued to use the TOTL database and accounting software for over 10 years! This is a tribute to the quality and usefulness of the software.

Ann moved on to develop enterprise software for managing the maintenance of large plants and facilities, and later to document management software helping companies keep track of and use the growing volume of "unstructured data", like Word documents, spreadsheets, etc. She also has done consulting work with medium sized companies working on database applications, purchasing applications, and database query and reporting subsystems.

From early 1999 through 2002 Ann was a partner and executive in several tech startup companies developing complex websites and advanced technology to integrate data from many different sources. Today, this is known as "Big Data".

In 2003 as Ann was contemplating the next move in her career and a move to Lopez Island, she reflected on the experiences of TOTL software and the satisfaction that comes from helping small businesses find and use software that really helps them run their businesses better. She also recognized that the management of data, whether in databases or in document files, is a key challenge for all businesses, regardless of size. And helping them expand their internet presence through vibrant websites is essential in today's marketplace. Even deciding what software to purchase can be a challenge for a small business owner. Her experiences with several small businesses of her own helps to guide her perspective.

Today, Ann's primary focus is website development and database applications. She and TechnoSense Consulting are also working as a resource for small businesses to help them choose and deploy software and technology.

Please let TechnoSense Consulting help you make sense out of the wide array of technology choices available today and free you up to let you run your business as only you know best.


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